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Thursday, January 31, 2019   /   by Villegas Group


Please join us in congratulating Jerry and Paula on purchasing their new home! It was an extreme pleasure helping you through the process! Now, fill that beautiful home with memories! ??????Brought to you by Villegas Group 855-920-0290.#JustListed #Openhouse #Forsale #RealEstate#Realtor #WestMichigan #WestMichiganRealEstate#GrandRapids #GrandRapidsRealestate#WestMichiganRealtor #GrandRapidsRealtor#Househunting #Realty #Broker #Home#villegasgroup

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Thursday, January 31, 2019   /   by Villegas Group

Is a career in real estate right for you?

Imagine working in a flexible career where you can set your own schedule, and earn $100,000 or more per year. But is a career in real estate right for you?  Low Start Up Cost and Quick Entry
Starting a business in real estate, as a Realtor, is fairly simple, quick, and inexpensive compared to the costs of starting other types of businesses. Real estate is probably one of the lowest cost start up there is. And when it comes to income, the sky is the limit; you can build it as small or as large as you envision it. There is nothing that compares to building your own business and being in charge of your schedule, allowing time for the important events and people in your life.

Flexibility of Schedule
If you have children or a crazy schedule, real estate may be perfect for you, as long as you can find the hours to devote to your work somewhere. The real estate market has a tendency to be relatively flexible, and you can set your own schedule, whether you work for a larger firm ...

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Thursday, January 31, 2019   /   by Villegas Group


We just love what we do. You may often hear a realtor say that they sold a certain number of homes last year, but we take great pride in focusing not as much on the number of homes or properties sold, but the number of families helped! It was such an honor to help this beautiful family relocate and find their forever home! Please congratulate Ryan and Brittany with us! ????‍??‍??‍????
#JustListed #Openhouse #Forsale #RealEstate #Realtor #WestMichigan#WestMichiganRealEstate #GrandRapids #GrandRapidsRealestate#WestMichiganRealtor #GrandRapidsRealtor #Househunting #Realty#Broker #Home #VillegasGroup

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Friday, January 4, 2019   /   by Villegas Group


Grand Rapids makes the news again, gaining national attention on yet another top 10 list. Realtor.com is predicting a hotter 2019 spring housing market for Grand Rapids than last year's incredible year! 

We are seeing shifts in the market throughout the country as the market is beginning to downshift to a slower or more balanced market, however Grand Rapids appears to be on the upswing still. Realtor.com is predicting home prices in the Grand Rapids area to in crease 8.2% this year and that the number of homes that will be sold will increase another 4% from last year's numbers. 

What does this mean for buyers and sellers? Call us to learn how this can impact the buying and selling process for you. 

See the full article from Realtor.com here. 

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Thursday, December 27, 2018   /   by Villegas Group


Our passion is our strength. Being able to help people like Linda make one of the biggest moves of her lifetime is what we live for. Our passion is what moves us to stay late and come in early, to take and make the necessary phone calls, to study and learn continuously to perfect our skills, to write purchase agreements for our clients on Christmas Eve. Each home we sell or buy isn't just a home; it's a new opportunity to help someone get to their next place in life. We recognize that, we respect that, and it fuels our passion! What are you passionate about? Comment below.

Brought to you by Villegas Group 855-920-0290. 
#JustListed #Openhouse #Forsale #RealEstate #Realtor #WestMichigan #WestMichiganRealEstate #GrandRapids #GrandRapidsRealestate #WestMichiganRealtor #GrandRapidsRealtor #Househunting #Realty #Broker #Home #villegasgroup

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